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Aircraft Information

New/Used: N

Price: $179000.00

Year: 1997

Make: Sterling

Model: Bushmaster 300

Serial: 001


* Installed a fresh engine, which is a modified Lycoming fuel injected IO-540, producing in excess of 275 H.P.: 95 hours on Engine Overhaul (Buldac), 551 hours on airframe. * Air Flow Performance Fuel injection system added. * ADC Oil Filter system installed. * Airframe completely stripped to bare metal, and old landing gear removed. * Airframe lengthened by 22". * Wings lengthened by 40" each. * Flaps and ailerons were fabricated and lengthened 20" each, and cord width increased by 2". * New Univair landing gear installed lengthened 6". * New 10" Grumman AgCat wheels and brakes installed. * New windows and seaplane doors fabricated, made in Lexan. * Second wing fuel tank installed total fuel-72 gallons. * Rebuilt and modified Hartzell Helio aircraft 3-blade propeller installed. * Hydraulic flap actuator added. * Wing leading edge cuff installed. * Vortex Generators added to the wing and horizontal stabilizer. * Increased vertical stabilizer height by 8". * Reinforced tailwheel section with Titanium 1 1/8" tailwheel stinger. * Added horizontal stabilizer jackscrew trim system. * Added new XP Mod 14" 5:00 x 5 tailwheel. * New Demer wingtips installed, with strobes. * New Clamar Amphibious Floats added in 2013

Avionics Equipment:

* Complete new Instrument Panel installed 2006 and again updated in 2013 * Three GPS units- Garmin GNS 430, GX-60, GPSMAP 496 in Air Gizmo mount (with weather) * Garmin MX-20 Multi function display * Dynon D100 EFIS system, with Angle of Attack * JPI EDM 930 Engine Monitoring system * TruTrak DigiFlight II Autopilot * King KT-76 Transponder

Aircraft Weights:

2800# Gross.

Optional Equipment:

Aviation grade 13' Kevlar Mohawk skipper 13 Kayak with 2 hp gas motor-Straps on to the floats! Self inflating life Jackets Anchor Sleeping foam pad for the rear of plane – can remove rear seat and sleep in back on the pad. 29” bush tires, Toe bar Bungee tool to reinstall the gear back.

Maintenance Summary & History

1. Annuals:

Fresh Annual, IFR Cert and Database updates with sale.

2. Last Compression:

3. Component Overhaul / Replacement:

4. Scheduled Maintenance:

5. Engine Service Bulletins Complied With:

6. Airframe Service Bulletins Complied With:

7. Service Letters Complied With:

8. AD Compliance Summary:

9. Repair History


Gray Leather and Fabric Seats in Excellent Condition. Modern Gray Instrument Panel. Overall condition Strong 9 on 10 scale!


Polished 3 Bladed Prop, Overall Gray, White, Aqua and light Lavender trim. Condition strong 8 on 10 Scale. Floats are like new with awesome accent stripes


This Aircraft is a highly modified 1956 Piper Tri-Pacer, or PA-22. In 1997 it was extensively modified, and as a result, transferred from the Certified Aircraft category to the Experimental Aircraft category. Today, with all of the modifications and updating completed, this airplane is essentially a brand new airplane, with a substantial range of capabilities, including exceptional Short Take-off and Landing performance (<500'). Whether bush flying on wheels, floats or skis in remote areas, to flying in and out of the largest and most modern airports in the world…it is one of the most versatile and affordable aircraft to be found anywhere. ........ The Bushmaster 300 .... truly an airplane for all seasons and reasons. Information provided as introduction. Subject to purchasers verification of specifications upon inspection.

Aircraft Photos